Eclipse Coaching And Sensory Adventures




Eclipse Coaching and Sensory Adventures

Empowering you to show up fully in the world and become the person you were born to be!



“Another step deeper into darkness, closer to the light…”

Bruce Cockburn









We are each truly amazing beings, possessing within us the potential to make miracles happen.  There is nothing about our circumstances, our physicality, or our history that stands between us and our best, most creative, most resourceful, most powerful selves. All we need do is cast off the limited identity that society would have us inhabit, and allow ourselves to become who we know we were born to be.


Eclipse Coaching and Facilitation is committed to creating the opportunity for you to do just that.  Together we will explore your true possibilities and begin to reveal the wealth of unique talents, strengths and resources you already possess. We’ll work together to re-imagine all that you can achieve in the world, all that you have to offer, and then create the conditions that make it possible for you to do so.


If you are someone that society has labeled disadvantaged, disabled or excluded, if you are someone who’s been marginalized and represented as having little to offer, then the world needs you. The world needs your unique inner resources, your insights, and your talent. Eclipse Coaching and Facilitation offers an array of group and individual experiences to reveal and activate those resources, insights and talents so that you can fully bring them to the world.


Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, if you have ever felt that you were meant for something different, let’s talk!

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