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Supper Sense is a fun evening of dining in the dark and discovering anew, the pleasure of eating .  The experience will be guided by visually impaired host Andy shipley, who will take you through the evening, in a way that gives you the opportunity to  appreciate food on a much richer level, whilst  enjoying a much deeper quality of connection with your fellow diners.


By the time you leave you may well find yourself wondering why you don’t enjoy more of your meals in this fashion, and maybe even promising yourself to regularly do so.


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What did our diners say?



Paula and Andy 

“Andy and I had the most enjoyable evening and despite feeling very out of my comfort zone at times it has really made me appreciate 

 how we look at the world, quite literally! I was really taken by how much time effort and soul had gone into the evening. The time from the minute we arrived to when we sadly had to go was well thought out, well managed, and well executed. The food alone was an experience but the setting the atmosphere and the other guests were all truly memorable. I learnt a lot about myself too in a short space of time. I would love to be involved in what ever projects you do and I am spreading the word in south wales, as to the café and the thinking behind the evening.”



Fiona – Such an unusual and enjoyable experience.  One that I will remember for a long time to come.


Highly highly recommend it to everyone.




Abi – It made me stop, reflect and be patient.  Without being distracted by visual interference.  Was very refreshing. 




Wendy and Carly – Experiencing new ways of eating, enjoying taste and texture.  So much of food now is rushed, over produced and tasteless. A refreshing change to enjoy every mouthful.



Rowan – Realising how quickly I rush through life.  And how valuable, interesting and enjoyable it is to notice things and slow down.


What the Chefs say:


Nate and Leona, St Werburghs City Farm Cafe – Supper Sense, for me, as the chef, creates an opportunity to begin to forget what I think I know about food (and the act of eating in itself).
On the whole, eating is a fun sensory experience. Supper Sense creates the platform to begin to strip away key senses (i.e. sight – which I found out makes up 83% of our perceived reality!).
It wasn’t easy coming up with menu ideas but it was fun bouncing ideas off of the other chefs and staff. I think at one point we were discussing  beef-flavoured jelly and horseradish ice-cream!
Maybe it was good we went back to the drawing board…
I think the evening was well organised with interludes of poems and activities relating to the other four senses or food.
It was a very interesting and enjoyable experience from my perspective. I also give lots of credit to the dinner guests who put themselves in a position that might be considered uncomfortable
For more about the City Farm Cafe check out

by most.

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