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Andy Shipley is a visually impaired Transformational Coach, Facilitator and a Clore Social Fellow With over 25 years experience in  national and local government, public bodies and voluntary organisations. Andy’s experience of living and working with a visual impairment has enabled him to become a leading advocate for the creation of social and environmental conditions that enable disabled people to participate and lead independent lives.  He currently serves on Natural England’s National Outdoors For All Working Group. He is a Trustee/Director of BucksVision, the charity promoting independent living and social inclusion for the visually impaired population of Buckinghamshire.  He is also a former Commissioner for a Sustainable London 2012. he provided oversight of the sustainability goals set for the Olympic and Paralympics, in particular, ensuring they were the most inclusive games ever.  


This experience really brought home to andy, how with the right support, commitment  and resources, we can achieve anything.  It is this profound belief that underpins Andy’s coaching philosophy.  This, coupled with his visual impairment, uniquely enables Andy to work with others in a way that is both insightful and empowering.


Andy has a regular column in the Association for Coaching global Bulletin, in which he discusses the impact that Coaching is having outside of  the corporate environment.


Since completion of his Clore Fellowship, Andy’s focus has been largely on the development of innovative approaches to bridging the gap between society at large and the unique perspectives and strategies of people from diverse backgrounds and experience. Andy envisions a world where people of differing abilities are recognised and valued as the rich and necessary resource they must be to the advancement of the community as a whole.  To hear andy speak about this and the impact of his year on the Clore programme click here; 



Andy lives in Buckinghamshire with his enthusiastic but far-too-clever guide dog Winnie.


To hear Andy talking about what he offers you can listen to his interview with BBC 3 Counties Radio until 17 December 2014 here: 


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