Super Sense Workshops

 Tapping into the Magic of Unseen Possibilities


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The unprecedented severity, global scale and interrelated nature of the challenges we face requires a response of equivalent magnitude.

History consistently demonstrates that only when we set aside our differences and act in a spirit of trust and shared endeavor do we define ourselves as our best.

Nothing other than our best will do now.

By altering the perspective by which they experience the world, the Super Sense experience grants its participants the ability to become more conscious of a situation and draw on the full array of talents within themselves and those around them..


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The Super Sense experience is about discovering what we’re not seeing, what we’re not hearing, and how we are communicating. It creates the opportunity to discover how we relate to confidence, how we take responsibility, and how we allow ourselves to trust both ourselves and others.

The Super Sense experience  is an entirely flexible model and can be tailored entirely for your needs.  All group experiences will be led by two Super Sense Facilitators, one visually impaired, one with 20:20 vision.  For more information about the Super Sense concept, you can watch an introductory video here.


Super Sense Essentials Programme

Super Sense Essentials is a one day, experiential programme designed to enhance the individual and collective performance of leaders and teams.

A pair of Super Sense tutors will lead your team on individual, paired and group explorations in nature that are designed to help them examine the way they collect, process and value information. Throughout the day participants will be encouraged to activate and enhance dormant or neglected senses, as well as to experiment with and expand upon their confidence, communication, responsibility and trust. They’ll leave the experience with the richness that heightened senses can create, and bring back to the workplace refreshed insights into patterns, messages and information that they’d previously taken for granted. The team will have renewed confidence and trust developed with one another, as well as increased awareness, better communication skills and a fortified sense of personal responsibility.  


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Super Sense Ecosystem Programme

Super Sense Ecosystem is a one-night, one-day programme bringing together stakeholders from different parts of a single system.  Participants will undertake  a journey of rediscovering views, needs, connections and opportunities as a means to start a new expanded conversation about what is possible.

During dinner the first evening participants will be introduced and a current context will established for the following day’s activities. The next day, the participants will come together in pairs and small groups from different stakeholders to explore an appropriate natural environment using new or neglected senses, and supported by someone who “sees” differently than they do. Later they’ll be given the opportunity to compare notes over an extra-sensory lunch. The afternoon will be spent re-focusing shared challenges and outcomes with a clearer, more powerful lens.

By examining their individual experiences and how those experiences relate to the experiences of others, by renewing their confidence and trust in themselves and others, the participants will approach the system and their co-participants in an enhanced and expanded way. They’ll uncover the stories, histories and relationships that have either driven or prevented constructive dialogue and efforts, and then begin to re-imagine the possibilities for moving forward with clarity and aligned purpose.

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What participants say

Al –  “Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing morning. The first few blindfolded steps were a bit stressful but as the morning progressed the lack of sight actually gave us opportunities to experience things we wouldn’t have otherwise have noticed. A lovely morning with a great group of people (and one dog!”


Paula – “Just within a few hours you really build trust both in yourself and with others.”



Ant – “There was an awful lot of learning about how we view disability, and also how we empower and trust each other.”

James Bulley and Daniel Jones – The SuperSense workshop that took place on Sunday 27 July was a fascinating sensory exploration of the Cannock Chase forest and opened up many hidden perspectives on listening to Living Symphonies in situ. It was hugely enjoyable for all involved and has changed many of the participant’s perspectives on their non-visual senses. We are incredibly grateful to Andy Shipley for his time, creativity and professionalism in instigating and running the workshop, and hope to explore the potential of working together again soon”

John Noble, administrator, Greenleaf Centre UK – I remember when we met in the early summer thinking what an extraordinary experience it might be for the conference delegates; in the event the workshop exceeded my expectations and I know will have changed those who took part.

A Podcast Interview between Andy and Mary Daniels of Alternatives

The Super Sense Story 

Super Sense was born at the Do Lectures in west Wales in the spring of 2013 on a cold, bright April day. TYF’s Andy Middleton was hosting a workshop to explore radical ways of re-engaging entire communities with the practicalities and joys of growing food, and was joined by Andy Shipley and his guide dog Winnie.




Conversations about perceptions and possibilities that started there continued on the coast in St.Davids as Andy Shipley and TYF’s guides explored nature and adventure in ways that could only be sensed by people without sight. The process was transformational, and led to a realisation of how effective visually impaired guides could be at helping those with 20:20 vision take in and appreciate some of the information that they might have been missing for a lifetime.

for more information and to discuss how Supersense could work for you give us a call.

Andy Shipley: +44(0)7702 849 479

TYF: 01437 721 611 


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