Super Sense Meets Living Symphonies

Super Sense Meets Living Symphonies In Cannock chase



sunday 27 June saw the first coming together of Super Sense and Living Symphonies  in the wonderfully diverse ecosystem of Birches Valley, in cannock Chase Staffordshire.  Our session was an opportunity for James Bulley, one of the creators of ‘Living Symphonies, and I to team up with  nature to weave a rich sensory narrative.  Placing Super Sense into the musically enhanced landscape that is ‘Living Symphonies,  for me produced a profoundly deeper appreciation of nature in multi layered detail.  With James as our interpreter, and our hands, ears and noses in support, we were able to more fully experience the dynamic story of  Birches Valley, and the roles being played by it’s array of leafy, feathered, furry scaly and many legged  cast members.  


James and Daniel Jones, creators of Living symphonies said; “The SuperSense workshop that took place on Sunday was a fascinating sensory exploration of the Cannock Chase forest and opened up many hidden perspectives on listening to Living Symphonies in situ. It was hugely enjoyable for all involved and has changed many of the participant’s perspectives on their non-visual senses. We are incredibly grateful to Andy Shipley for his time, creativity and professionalism in instigating and running the workshop, and hope to explore the potential of working together again soon”

Beginning the forest walk

We’ll be bringing super sense and Living symphonies together again in Bedgebury, Kent on 30 and 31 August.  So keep an eye on the Living symphonies website for further announcements;  


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