Sense And Sense-ability


I believe that seeing is responsible for the prevalent  conviction that we can understand and completely recognise the world, when we progress from one form to the next.  From one phenomenon to the other.  We forget that the motion itself, which leads the eyes from object to object cannot take place in our eyes.  It necessarily precedes and directs their movement.  


Today these observations take on an entirely new importance, because our present world of posters, neon signs, movies and television, is based entirely on the reliability of the eyes.  It has been said very correctly, that we now live in the age of pictures.  Isn’t even the process of transmitting thoughts  on the verge of being reduced to external pictures?  Aren’t we seeking a way to base teaching entirely on visual impressions?  


That a blind person should speak up and warn the seeing to be cautious about the use of their own eyes, may appear unseemly and even comical.  yet, it is not the process of seeing that is under attack here.  I accuse a certain idol worship.  The idol is the conviction that seeing is the principal activity of the spirit.  And  sufficient for it. 


Jacques Lusseyran        

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