Sense And Sense-ability



Last week I talked about how I believe that the visually impaired have something to teach wider society about living life more consciously, being more fully aware of all that’s around us  and making the most of it.  This couldn’t be more dramatically illustrated by these 2 contrasting news items that I’ve discovered this week. 


You may well have seen them before, but when you view them together I think they make a very powerful statement.   Whatever  our circumstances, we always have a choice. To make the most of our natural abilities to live life consciously, or allow ourselves to  drift along with the prevailing social tide, blindly.


I’d love to hear your reactions

Andy Shipley

One thought on “Sense And Sense-ability”

  1. Hi Andy, I thought I’d left a comment on the LinkedIn post but seems I didn’t! Your post about Ben Underwood reminded me of a podcast called ‘Batman’, which features Daniel Kish’s work with other blind people, teaching them how to navigate using clicks – a great example of the blind leading the blind! The podcast also investigates the wider subject of how other people’s attitudes affect our beliefs about what our capabilities. Here’s the link:

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