Sense And Sense-ability

the Power Of Birdsong


As I walked into town this morning, I became occupied by the question of what to talk about in my next blog.  Becoming increasingly immersed in this question.  My awareness was then suddenly flipped back into the here and now.  It was as though I’d been teleported.  From a world of questions, problems, past and future concerns, to one of enveloping melody, growing ease and wellbeing.  Just by the sound of birdsong.


I was profoundly struck by the immediacy of the transformation.  Far from being a kind of natural audible wallpaper.  It seems to me that if we allow ourselves to truly hear it, birdsong has the power to take us out of ourselves.  Reconnecting us with natural tones, rhythms and patterns.  Which in turn influences our own internal rhythms.  Deepening our breathing and slowing our heart rates.  Giving our brains the conditions they need to function effectively and perhaps find creative solutions to those challenges that were stressing us to start with.  After all.  It worked for me, didn’t it!


Andy Shipley

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