Sense And Sense-ability

Black And Blue Or White And Gold?


Clearly I couldn’t  let  the great  debate about that dress pass without comment!   Black and blue, white and gold, Whichever camp you occupy, its so difficult to appreciate how anyone could be seeing the other colour combination.  But what I found most striking about this, was the polarised nature of the debate.    This disagreement illustrates so perfectly, the paradigm that says that for my reality to be right, alternative realities must be wrong.  The aggression with which  the debate was prosecuted reveals how deeply our sense of identity appears to be rooted in our world view.   And to concede anything might threaten to collapse the whole fragile edifice.  But what this debate reveals of course is that when we take time to explore why we hold apparently conflicting perspectives, the story gets really interesting.


Andy Shipley


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