Sense and Sense-ability

Whatever Doesn’t Serve



times at the moment are for me, pregnant with possibility.  This is both tantalising  and terrifying.  As I endeavour to bring life to new ventures, whilst retaining the best of what’s gone before.  Every step takes me further into unknown lands.  Which, like the unlit and shadowy places of childhood, contain all manor of imagined terrors.  Whilst simultaneously of course, promising the realisation of my most heart felt dreams.  I always find though.  That whenever I’m being drawn towards the ‘clashing rocks’ of my imagination, something always arrives to steer me through.  This weekend was no exception.  At yet another moment of self-doubt and worry, this poem popped into my inbox.  


Thank you Catherine!



Whatever Doesn’t Serve by Danna Faulds
What weight can you
put down right now,
willingly relinquishing
the pointed quills of
guilt or judgment?
What burden of the heart
can lift, what dark corner
can be lit, the candle
flickering at first, then
burning bright?
With the next breath,
let it go, that old story
you’ve told yourself
a million times.
Whatever doesn’t serve
you on this path of truth,
leave it behind. Offer
this one gift: the simple
sacrifice that in the giving
sets you free to fully live.

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