Food banks, Fracking and Standing rock


Foodbanks, fracking and Standing rock



This Friday, 6 of us from the production team for “Foodbank as it is,” got together  to  check-in about how things are going with preparations for our first performance on 25 April: 


As we were chatting about the issues the play highlights and how these reflect the wider global stories currently unfolding, it suddenly occurred to me, (and you can call me a late developer if you like), that what is being done to thousands of sick, disabled and impoverished people in the UK, is directly analogous with what is being done to the environment and the Earth globally.  Whether fracking every last millilitre of oil out of the ground or starving sick and disabled people into work, the  neoliberal capitalist machine is being forced to  squeeze ever harder to extract every ounce of wealth for a tiny  minority. 


In “Memory, Fire and Hope: Five Lessons From Standing Rock,,”


Alnoor Ladha  identifies a “growing awareness among movements that we are uniting against  “the deadly logic of late stage capitalism.”  Whether fighting for “land rights in India, tax justice in Kenya, or against a pipeline in the US, we are all taking on a global economy that “requires perpetual extraction, violence, oppression, in the service of GDP growth.”


Ladha  reminds us  how, during COP 21 in Paris, Indigenous youth groups carried banners that read “We  are nature protecting itself.”  What this speaks to in me, is an innate need to fight for a human presence that has as its central mission, the goal of sustaining all life.  So whether its the production of food, energy generation, or building an economy, it is achieved by investing in long term sustainable solutions, not brutal, short-term extraction methods like fracking or benefits sanctions.



Andy Shipley

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