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Access Wise



“As a time bomb ticks, an opportunity knocks…”



It’s been called the “demographic time bomb”, but is your business ready to benefit from the emerging market that our ageing population represents?



First – two stats for you:


  • By 2030 the number of over 65s is set to increase by 50%; the number of over 85s is set to double.


  • Half of us over 65 will develop a disability or long-term health condition.  That could be sight loss, hearing loss, mobility difficulties or reduced dexterity.



And now – one question to ask yourself:


Will this increasingly large group of potential customers want to do business with me?


Depending on the nature of your business, there are various things you can do to transform and improve the services you’re offering to this huge group of potential clients.


Given that this market sector has £80 billion to spend… (that’s the latest estimate from the Department of Work and Pensions)surely that’s an incentive to get ‘Access Wise’!



So how can I help your business?


 Having worked with national and local governments, the Disability rights and Equality and Human rights Commissions, for over 25 years, I know how to  adapt the environments, opportunities and services for those populations that are so often overlooked. And as a former Commissioner for a Sustainable London, I had a hand in making the 2012 Olympics the most inclusive ever. And I can have a similar influence on businesses.



Specifically, I can give you:


> An analysis of the key opportunities for improvement


> A Guided Review and Prioritisation Session


> Clear signposting to the best sources of technical support 



And your first step?


Get in touch today for your free exploratory consultation call 07702849479