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A Question Of Trust

A Question Of Trust


Andy Shipley



for me, trust is a fact of everyday life.  Never a day goes by when I have to put my trust another.  Human or canine.  The very act of getting around in the world requires me to place trust in the capable paws and head of my Guide Dog Winnie.  There are often times when I have to draw on the assistance of passing strangers also. 

 Perhaps to negotiate a particularly busy station concourse or find a building we have never visited before.  So I believe trust is both an act of courage and faith.  whether its trusting our instincts or trusting a colleague or collaborator to play their part, it takes courage to make that first step into action and faith that taking that step  will achieve the outcome you are seeking.


Consequently, trust is also a gift to those in whom we take the courage to place our faith.  And that includes ourselves!  


I believe my greatest achievements have been due to the degree of trust I’ve placed in myself and my instincts about the path to follow, but combined with trust in collaborators to play to their strengths to obtain our common goal.  One example that comes to mind would be   the successful campaign to change national Planning legislation in 2004.  By pursuing my instincts about the nature of the change needed I was able to give clear direction and vision to the campaign.  But what achieved the change was the weight and diversity of organisations and Parliamentarians that supported and contributed to the campaign.  Each of whom I had to trust to play their particular role.


In more recent times I have taken my experience of working in trust and developed it into an outdoor sensory workshop; ’Super Sense’.  By taking people into nature and supporting them to work blindfolded, i individually, in pairs and teams, they learn what can be achieved when you allow yourself to trust.  No matter how daunting it may seem initially! 

For a short video to see it in action click here.



What can you do to integrated trust into your work and life? 


1Today, think about your work and whether there is some step or action you are shying from because you don’t trust your interpretation of the situation.  Ask yourself the question, What would it be like if I took the courage to trust my judgement about the situation and took that step?


2Is there an aspect of your work you are holding onto, but deep down, you know that  by trusting others you could have greater impact?  What would it take to let go of it and allow someone else, to take it on?